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Crew Photo

A Team Lutz Christmas

Our team works very hard all year round to make it "Like it never even happened," for our customers. It is rare that we get time to slow down and enjoy a meal together. This year we are thankful for a crew of hard working people who pushed through long hours of covid disinfecting, a hurricane, tornado and a busy season of ice damming. We are lucky to have each other and look forward to 2022!

Firefighters training on a mock car accident

We are here to help, even with fire fighter training!

When we had a truck our fleet couldn't use anymore, we donated it to Centre Square Fire Company to use with their training. In the picture you see our local fire fighters using our truck in a mock accident to train their crew. At SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, Blue Bell, and Abington Jenkintown, we love helping people in our community. How can we help you?! 

two crew members with mock office

Here to Help!

We can help minimize the spread of germs with proactive cleaning! At SERVPRO, we’re trained to adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitization standards, making us the #1 choice for cleanup and restoration. Call 215.368.4110 or email us at to see how we can help clean your business.

Coronavirus with Here to Help

Here to Help!

We can help minimize the spread of germs with proactive cleaning! At SERVPRO, we’re trained to adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitization standards, making us the #1 choice for cleanup and restoration. Call 215.368.4110 or email us at to see how we can help clean your business.

Two men putting on a safety harness

Safety First!

At SERVPRO, we take safety seriously. That’s why we take the time to teach our crew the best safety habits. In these pictures, you can see our Crew Chief Walt learn how to properly use and wear a harness. Thank you to Scott with Trefoil TTA for sharing your knowledge with us!

Women sitting in pedicure chairs

Spa Day Thank You!

Last month our Spa Day was back again this year and we know a lot of people were excited! We invite Insurance Agents, local Police and Fire Department's to join us for a free manicure and pedicure. We offer this to say thank you for trusting us to help their customers! We hope everyone had a great holiday season and enjoyed themselves!

10 Men dressed in SERVPRO uniform

Our Production Team

We recently had our Christmas Breakfast at Wister's BBQ in Lansdale, PA. The best place in town to have a breakfast buffet! We had a great year and it was fun relaxing for a bit and celebrating our success! In this picture, you see Jeff, our Production Manager, with our Crew Chiefs and Technicians. These guys love their job and love helping people!

Blue carpeted basement with standing water

Hot water heater burst in North Wales, PA

This customer's hot water heater burst while they were away on vacation. Imagine coming home from vacation with 2 to 3 inches of standing water in your basement! This customer knew the made the right choice in SERVPRO when we were able to get onsite with 4 hours of their phone call. We extracted the water, set drying equipment, helped sort thru affected content and communicated with the insurance. Call SERVPRO the next time you come home to a water damage!

Training Meeting with Crew

Safety Training Meeting

This morning Scott Altemose with Trefoil lead a training with our crew about how to recognize potential safety concerns and plan how to prevent accidents. We love arming our guys with knowledge to get the job done right!

Servpro water cases in front of fire engine

Hydrating Hero's!

Here at SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell we appreciate our first responders. Hydrating Hero's is just one of many ways we say thank you!

4 golfers in front of SERVPRO tent

Police Chief Golf Outing

We recently attended the Police Chiefs Golf Outing at Northampton Country Club. SERVPRO was happy to offer the golfers snack at the 10th hole and proud to be the only sponsor in attendance! Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your event.

Bedroom affected by fire

Home Fire in Hatfield, PA

This family's home was fully affected by a fire thought to be caused by a fan in the bathroom. In this picture, you can see the bedroom upstairs affected. SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell came in and removed all affected personal items, removed materials that couldn't be saved and cleaned items that could be. They had piece of mind knowing that SERVPRO was doing the cleaning and rebuild for them. 

Kitchen cabinets and walls covered in soot

Kitchen Fire in Lansdale, PA

The tenant in this apartment left a pot unattended that caused a fire. They were able to quickly use a fire extinguisher and put the fire out but there was already a good amount of damage. Our crew was able to clean off all the soot on the cabinets and save them. We also cleaned the walls and prepared them for some fresh paint for the apartment complex's maintenance team.

Tree fallen in front of home

Storm Causes Tree to Fall

After a bad storm in our area, the tree in this home owner's front yard fell over on to their front porch, blocking their front door. Give SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell at call next time you need help after a storm!

Unfinished basement with 2 ins deep standing water

Standing Water in a Basement from Storm

After a very heavy rain storm, this home owners sump pump failed causing standing water in her basement. The water was approximately 2 inches deep throughout the basement! We helped pump out the water, extract any puddles remaining, set drying equipment and even helped sort thru affected content.

Warehouse stairs heavily affected by soot

Warehouse Fire

This warehouse was affected by a fire a few weeks ago. SERVPRO came in to gather measurements and pictures to put together an estimate. We helped this property owner submit everything to their insurance company for approvals. When the insurance company agreed with our estimate, the property owner was thrilled to have us do the work. He was pleased with all the help we provided in dealing with the insurance company saying we "made this a painless process."

Carpet tiles saturated by water

Heavy Rains Affecting a Local Business

When a local rain storm affected some business offices in our area, SERVPRO was here to help. Our crew was onsite with 4 hours extracting the carpet and removing what couldn't be saved. Then, our Reconstruction Team came in to put everything back together. When your business is affected by a storm, call the experts in the industry!

Truck and trailer with many fans sitting outside

Cleaning Up After a Busy Summer

After a very busy summer of a few different Commercial Large Loss jobs, our crew had a lot of cleaning and organizing to do. Here you can see our crew cleaning and wiping down many fans to reload one of our trailers. SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell is a Large Loss Franchise; we have hundreds of pieces of equipment and are prepared for any size job in any area!

fitness center walls

Fitness Center Mold

This luxury apartment complex had a mold issue in their fitness center. SERVPRO had to come in and address the mold on all the walls included the vaulted ceilings you can see if the picture. There is no job to big or to small for SERVPRO!

Hotel Room Wall Covered in Mold

Hotel with Mold

This local hotel had an air conditioner leaking for sometime without their knowledge. In this picture you can see what was uncovered once SERVPRO removed the wall paper. If you are a local business and are looking for quick service to minimize impact to your business, SERVPRO is the call you need to make!

Technician using extraction wand on carpet

Water Damage in Local Bank

In this picture you can see one our technicians using the extraction wand to remove water from a saturated carpet. This happened a local bank. SERVPRO of Warminster, Lansdale, and Blue Bell was able to get a crew of 3 onsite within two hours and get the bulk of the work done with little to no interruption to business. Please keep SERVPRO in mind when you have a water damage! We are experienced in getting your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Small fire in a dentist office

This dentist office suffered a small fire in one of their laboratory rooms.  SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell was quick to arrive on site and make this damage "Like it never even happened."

Fire in a Gun Range

The attached picture is of a fire in a gun range.  The customer was using a grinder in the showroom and inadvertently the carpet caught on fire.  Luckily it was quickly extinguished!  

Kitchen Fire

This customer had a kitchen fire while cooking on the stove.  with the homeowner being prepared and having a fire extinguisher hand she was able to put out the fire and save her house.  SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell was called into provide air-quality control and emergency cleanup of the fire extinguisher dust. 

Flooding at Local GYM

This large gym suffered a flood damage from locally heavy rains.  SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell was called in to extract the water and dry the structure why keeping the client open.  

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

As you can see in this picture. A restaurant sustained a water damage from a frozen pipe on the second floor. Water infiltrated the hardwood floor and delaminated the surface.  SERVPRO was called in to remove the floor and dry the substrate.

Water Damaged Hallway

This hotel's hallway was affected when a guest decided to hang a shirt on a sprinkler head.  As you can see, water has accumulated and started to enter the adjacent rooms.  Even though this hotel wasn't, SERVPRO is always ready for whatever happens.

Tropical Storm Damage

This commercial kitchen area was affected from heavy rains and a rising nearby creek.  The water overflowed its banks and the water and silt entered this kitchen.  SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell was quick to arrive and make this "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage Ft. Washington PA

The aftermath of a tropical storm and heavy rains resulted in flooding to this commercial structure.  The water height inside the building ultimately reached 8 feet!  SERVPRO was called in to pump out the water and mitigate the structure

Museum Water Damage

This museum sprinkler system malfunctioned and subsequently caused a water damage to multiple attractions. This sports attraction was 100% affected.  SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell was able to dry and clean everything in place for a quick re-open.

Are you ready for a storm

Is your home ready for a storm.  Now that spring has arrived, you probably have your patio furniture out and are ready to enjoy the outdoors.  In the wake of a storm you should ensure items are secured to not cause damage to your home from flying debris.

Training Day

Here at SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell we take training seriously.  In this picture you can see our production manager is training our technicians on the proper way to detach trim and dry sheetrock in place.

Microbial Remediation Professionals

Here at SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell our highly trained staff is ready to assist you and your clients if a microbial contamination occurs in your building.  Our team has the necessary training and equipment to do the job right.

Large Loss Response

Here at SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell, we have at the resources to respond to any size disaster.  This commercial client needed drying equipment and power generation to stabilize his large commercial property.

Large Loss Commercial Water Loss

This commercial client suffered a large loss water damage from a frozen sprinkler main on the roof.  5 floors of approximately 350,000 sf were under 2" - 3" under water.  SERVPRO responded quickly to assist this client with a full extraction and dryout

High Dive!

SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, Blue Bell was called in to remove the duct work that had been compromised above an indoor pool.  Our team was able to efficiently drain the pool, set scaffolding, remove the ductwork in a safe manner, and reopen the pool in record time.


Our quality team of fully trained staff at SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell is ready to handle any disaster that may occur.  We are ONE TEAM ready to serve others!

Historic Water Damage

SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell was called in to assist a prominent museum after a pipe break occurred on the 3rd floor.  SERVPRO was able to mitigate the damage and save all of the artifacts and attractions for this historic museum.

The ceiling is falling!

Heavy rains and a roof leaked caused this bedroom ceiling to collapse and affect the room with debris and fiberglass insulation. Luckily the clients were not in the room at the time of damage.  

Mold in an Office Building

Due to a leaky roof system, the office building sustained water damage which was left untouched for a period of time and in turn, mold formed and contaminated the structure.

Commercial Fire Damage

A small fire in a very old manufacturing building created an enormous amount of damage from smoke and soot.  SERVPRO of Lansdale, Warminster, and Blue Bell were able to clean and restore the structure and keep the business operational. 

Large Loss Response

This is our Large Loss Response trailer assisting one for our commercial customer during a flood event.  Heavy rains caused flood waters to affect the main floor of a commercial building. Significant water damaged affected the main retail floor of the building.  With the proper amount of equipment we were able to keep the business up and running for their customers.